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New rest point for weary hill legs

There’s a new and powerful incentive for climbing the hill above Kilmagad Wood - namely a lovely bench to sit on, installed by the Woodland Trust Scotland. Simply take the main path up towards the Bishop, from either of the entrances near Portmoak kirk car park, turning up the hill to the east before heading west to where the viewpoint indicator was installed some years ago by Portmoak Community Woodland Group. It's taking a brief leave of absence, as it's being restored.

The new bench gives you the panoramic view captured by the viewpoint board, which on a clear day shows you the Bass Rock in one direction and the Wallace Monument in the other. You’ll probably have to stand up to see it but, comfortable as the new bench is, you can’t sit there all day!

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After taking in the view you can retrace your steps or carry on westwards, until a gully path returns you to the Michael Bruce Way and Kinnesswood or climb to the top of the hills.

If  you look carefully at the viewpoint board itself you’ll notice the it needs another refurbishment. Don’t worry, PCWG are on the case and waiting for some settled weather before carrying out the necessary repairs.

From the new bench you can see Portmoak Moss and get a good idea of how much birch clearing has been going on in the middle of the bog. That’s been down to members of the group and visiting squads of other volunteers.  We’re very pleased that Lothians Conservation Volunteers and a specialist team, the Bog Squad, will be joining us in early April to have another go at removing the birch saplings. The more we get rid of, the better the chances of a successful bog restoration, as we need to stop trees from growing on the peat and drying it out.

If this sounds like too much work and not enough play, fear not; we are beginning to put together some fun events for the rest of the year, from a dawn chorus walk to a fungal foray. PCWG have never been accused of not knowing how to enjoy ourselves and we hope you’ll join us for our events as well as making the best possible use of our two community woodlands in the months ahead.


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