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Burns Ceilidh : Saturday 2 February, 19:30: Portmoak Village Hall
Instead of our usual Burns Supper we are going to have a Burns Ceilidh featuring one of Scotland's best ceilidh bands and certainly the best named - Ceilidh Minogue. This will be a traditional ceilidh so that as well as dancing there’ll be singing and poems (but no long speeches). Dr Bill Carr will perform his famous Address to (and massacre of) the Haggis, with secret weapons. Tickets are £15 which will give you a haggis, neeps and tatties supper, the band, dancing, singing and general messing about. There will be a cash bar. You can get tickets from the Village Shop in Kinnesswood, by eMailing dave@davebatchelor.co.uk , by calling 01592 840502 or via Eventbrite on Facebook.


Apple Day: 30 September 2018
We've been doing this for a few years now so it's one of our core activities. (Heh, heh, heh). About 150 people brought apples for identification. Masses of apples were turned into juice and plenty of apple-themed desserts were consumed.

Chris's Project: July 2018
When one of our members, Chris Vlasto, died his family gifted the donations made at his funeral to the Portmoak Community Woodland Group. We are using the money to create a new play area in our Community Orchard. A large area has been levelled and an amphitheatre has been created. There is also a picnic area. We've grassed over the area and the rain is helping it to grow well. We'll be putting in tables over the next month or two.

National Bog Day: 22 July 2018, Portmoak Moss
You were probably excited about National Bog Day - it's right up there with Christmas and Pancake Day. We celebrated it at Portmoak Moss. A couple of dozen people were guided around the Moss, spotting dragonflies and damselflies. Moths and butterflies had been trapped the night before, identified and then we released them. We also did some dipping (ponds, not other people's pockets). Interesting and fun event!

Himalayan Balsam: June 2018
This is an invasive species which spreads very rapidly and we are seeing signs of it encroaching on the Moss. Rapid intervention is required - if it spreads its seeds then it can quickly overrun a large area. We went down and removed it and we expect this to be an ongoing effort for the next few years.

Insects, moths, butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees

There's an amazing number of insects living in the Moss - and the diversity has increased a lot because of the work that has been done to restore the peat dome. Butterfly Conservation  http://www.eastscotland-butterflies.org.uk/  do an incredible job of monitoring and recording moths and butterflies across the UK. Our local people are George Guthrie and Duncan Davidson. If you ever see strange lights in the Moss late at night, there's a good chance that it's George trapping moths and butterflies ready to identify, count and record them. Sometimes they put on special events for us too.

This file shows what they've seen on the Moss so far in 2018 - there's 91 species.

Portmoak Moss viewed from Kilmagad Wood, with Loch Leven and Benarty Hill in the background

Fine views, delightful walking and an ambitious project to restore a commercial plantation to a raised peat bog.

Located at Scotlandwell, near to Kinross and the M90, about midway between the Forth Road Bridge and Perth.