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April Averages 2024


Hello B[L]OG Friends …..

With the bird nesting season coming in this month we’re not tramping across the Moss to pull trees until the autumn now. I’ve been clearing the northern edge of the path instead as it’s unlikely the meadow pipits will nest close by. The willow is a devil to get out, particularly as we’ve left it to grow for rather too long. April’s total trees removed is about 430.

Looking back over the main pulling season (if you see what I mean) here’s some summary data for September 2023 to March 2024:

114 hours spent removing regeneration / total trees removed 6,312

2,376 birch / 3,817 spruce / 98 scots pine / 21 rowan

Average number of trees removed per hour : 55

The ratio of birch trees to conifers averages out at about 40% birch to 60% conifer. The area I worked in September however had the opposite proportions of 60% conifer and 40% birch. This latter area was closest to the centre of the Moss.

Favourite wildlife encounters: saw a red squirrel two days in a row.

Least comfortable moment: spending a whole hour digging up one small patch of willow.

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Thank you.

Blogged by Lesley B.

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